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We are proud to announce that in 2024 we are launching Year 1 of Grace Academy. 
Be part of the first official group to attend our Academy!

Is Grace Academy for me?

  • Do you desire greater intimacy with God and others?  

  • Do you desire to know the Bible and to expand your knowledge of the Word?

  • Do you want to be and do as Jesus did? Are you hungry to see the power of God in your life?

  • Do you have a passion to step out in faith and to see signs, miracles and wonders?

  • Do you want to be used by God to transform your spheres of influence?  


If one or more of the above is true, then Grace Academy is for you!

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Our reason for being

To equip and activate God’s sons and daughters to bring God’s kingdom and the magnificence of Jesus everywhere.


Our Direction

To help present every believer complete in Christ through biblically based, Holy Spirit-saturated truth.


What it looks like

Grace Academy is providing the body of Christ with knowledge, revelation, understanding, encounters and tools so that the beliefs, values, and behaviours of heaven become characteristic of a community of people who are mobilizing to bring effective and sustainable revival and transformation to their families, communities and cities.


Our Grace Academy classes will be on Tuesdays nights at Grace Academy (44 Mabel Street, Oakdale, Bellville), from 6:30pm to 9pm.  Our Academy commences on 6 February 2024 and will end on 12 November 2024.  We will follow the South African School Calendar term dates.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any online classes for 2024.


We will follow a course-based system where you can take all the courses offered for 2024 (called Year 1) or just the ones that you have time for.  We highly recommend that you sign up for Year 1, since this focused commitment will lead to immense personal and spiritual growth.

At Grace Academy, you will:

  • Receive anointed biblical teaching

  • Have opportunities to ask questions and to discuss the teachings in small groups

  • Do homework and activation activities that will assist you in implementing the various teachings in real life

  • Receive continual personal ministry

  • Connect with like-minded believers and build friendships

  • Receive course notes

  • Be part of a revival group:  During the year programme, you will be allocated to a revival group.  This group will offer immense opportunities for personal and spiritual growth as you build life-long relationships with each other.

  • Learn how to walk in God’s Power by attending Saturday outreaches

  • Experience extended times of intimacy with God through worship and other Encounters with God

  • Access to events with international speakers visiting Journey of Grace


Attend Course 1 for FREE!

If you first want to see what the school is about, then join our first course for free!  The course is about identity and it starts from Tuesday 6 February 2024 to Tuesday 20 February 2024.  If you then want to sign up for our whole school year, you need to do this by Sunday 25 February by midnight. 

Other courses in 2024 we will offer the following courses:

  • Identity

  • New Testament Survey

  • Revival Culture

  • Hearing God's Voice

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Intimacy with the Trinity

  • The Great Commission

  • Multi-Generational Living

  • Healing

  • Finances


In 2024, you can sign up for individual courses.


Here are the course dates and fees per course for Term 2.  Please note that the course information below is subject to change. 

Course 3: New Testament Survey

Dates: 2 April - 23 April 2024

Class time: 6:30 - 9pm SAST

Cost: R360

Course 4: Hearing God's Voice

Dates: 30 April - 21 May 2024

Class time: 6:30 - 9pm SAST

Cost: R360

Course 5: Identity (Part 2)

Dates: 28 May - 11 June 2024

Class time: 6:30 - 9pm SAST

Cost: R270

Registration for individual courses will open up closer to the course start date. 


Academy Fees for Year 1 will be R2500.

You can choose ONE of three payment options:


Payment Plan 1:

A once-off payment of R2500 for the entire year.


Payment Plan 2:

Two payments of R1400 each which means it will be R1400x2 = R2800 for the entire year.

Payment Plan 3:

Nine-month payment of R350 per month which means it will be 9 months x R350 per month = R3150 for the entire year.

Registration Details:

First payment will be done upon application.

Last day to apply Sunday 25 February 2024 at midnight.

Grace Academy Application
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