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Who referred you to the Sozo Ministry?

(If you don't, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance to find one)

We recommend the that you share with someone (that you trust), what happened during the Sozo, so that you will have someone to pray with & hold you accountable (this person should not be your best friend)

Will you be able to fast or pray one week before your Sozo?

Ask The Lord, what He wants you to fast. It can be fasting one meal a day or fasting watching TV. Do not fast on the day of your sessions. You need to be alert and refreshed (not distracted by hunger or feelings of weakness).

For the value of the time ministering to you, there is a suggested donation of R250-00. You may pay the donation on the day of your Sozo or before it either by cash or EFT. Please return this application and the signed Liability Release Form to Journey of Grace via email: 


If you wish to pay the donation by EFT, please see the banking details below and send us the proof of payment.

Bank: Standard Bank • Branch: Tyger Manor • Branch Code: 050410 • Account No: 071094547 • Reference: SozoYourName • 021 914 0417

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